It takes some long arms to reach the world music scene from a tiny pueblo in southwestern Mexico, but that’s exactly what the original, classic rock band Psychostasia is doing.

Psychostasia is a Made-in-Mexico band. Its two founding members , brothers Daniel and David Cordero, were born in the US, but have called Mexico home for over 20 years. The other two members are native Mexican rockers. Their friendship and shared love of ROCK brought them all together in early 2007.

Psychostasia has been steadily building momentum both north and south of the border. The band has: • won grand prize, named “Best of Bands Worldwide” • been named one of the top 10 groups in North America

  • performed by invitation in Las Vegas, NV
  • received awards for originality, lyrics, vocals, etc.
  • been called “the Best Rock Band in Mexico” in Leyendas del Rock magazine
  • won the most votes in national Indie Rock Music Awards: Band of the Year & Video of the Year (“Jonesin’).

Over the years, the Corderos have written close to 100 original songs, 10 of which were included on Psychostasia’s first CD/Album, entitled “Inside the Mirror.” The band is currently finalizing and mastering its 2nd CD. Psychostasia’s music video of their song, Jonesin’ can be viewed at

The intercultural band and their special brand of rock music stems from the need to follow an artistic vision. “We are aiming for music, not noise,” says Psychostasia lead singer Daniel. “Our songs are not heavy metal; they are melodic hard rock, and retain that foot-tapping vibe that characterizes the roots of traditional rock.”